Cooking for Beginners…

Being a Tomboy, the last thing I wanted to do is enter the kitchen.But having both parents working, kitchen became my laboratory.I experimented, I still do.Some disasters, some succesful experiments.I guess that’s where my rendezvous with food began 😇.Over the years I’ve learnt cooking from my parents, grandparents, chef’s and anyone who cooked something I … Continue reading Cooking for Beginners…

Community fridges:A boon!

Small acts of kindness when multiplied by millons can transform the world. This saturday while returning back from a food tasting event, a fridge placed right outside a renowned building in Andheri, Mumbai caught my attention.On closer observation I realised it was a community fridge and I was surprised cause finding a community fridge here … Continue reading Community fridges:A boon!

Irresistible Birthday treat: Chocolate Brownies by Pastry Chef Sangeet Kochar.

Special occasions call for special food.When it’s a birthday, it definitely calls for something equally special and its often a cheat meals. Since it’s my birthday tomorrow.On this special occassion a very dear friend Sangeet Kochar A.K.A. The chef with a beard gave me virtual treat-a glimpse into his kitchen.He also shared some of his … Continue reading Irresistible Birthday treat: Chocolate Brownies by Pastry Chef Sangeet Kochar.

Hariyali Variyali

Variyali Sharbat is a popular beverage from Gujarat.It is made from fresh fennel seeds.This beverage is a great summer coolant apart from that it also aids in digestion. There are multiple ways in which it is made some add it cloves to it, some have it plain, so have it with a dash of khuskhus … Continue reading Hariyali Variyali