Moong Dal Kheer/Payasam 

Moong Dal Kheer/Payasam is a traditional sweet dish that is made with Moong Dal and coconut milk/milk in south India.This dish is often made as nivedyamm for God and is even consumed during fasting.

It can be given to anyone from a child above 1 yrs to old age people.Since it’s made from moong dal which is easy to digest.

Nutritionally speaking, it is a high protein and slightly high calorie dish. 


Yellow Moong dal-1 cup

Water-2 cups

Coconut milk/milk-1 cup

Organic Jaggery-1 cup

Nuts and Raisins-1/4 cup

Cardamon powder-1tbsp


  • Wash the dal thoroughly twice or thrice and then let it dry.
  • Dry roast the dried dal till it leave aroma in a pressure cooker.
  • Then add the water and let it pressure cook till the dal becomes soft and mushy.Normally requires 3 whistles.
  • Open the lid, mix the contents thoroughly till it forms a soft smooth paste.
  • Place the pressure cooker on a low flame.Then add in the cardamon powder, grated jaggery and nuts.
  • Let it boil till jaggery melts.Then add in coconut milk( traditional recipe) or milk.
  • Serve warm or cool as per preference.

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