One of the longest and most amazing reccent trip where i could combine 2 of my greatest passions of travel and food.All the way from chaotic Mumbai to the calm and vibrant Kolhapur and then to my super amazing soul city of Kudal in Kokan,Maharastra and then back to Mumbai.

We started off from Mumbai by Railway late in the eve and touched the amazing super chilled place called Jaisinghpur.After a hot steaming and unusual breakfast of Poha with tamato sambar (tomato sambar) and cutting aale chaha/ ginger tea our first destination point was Narsobachiwadi,Kolhapur.

Narsobawadi/Narsobachiwadi is a small village situated at the confluence of river Krishna and Panchganga located in Kolhapur.It is a pilgrim center as Shri Dattatreya in his incarnation known as Narsinh Saraswati lived here. It’s beautiful holy and peaceful place but yes, in today’s time has become a kind of business center so one needs to be cautious of where they stay and who they trust in.
In terms of food, Narsobachi wadi is famous for kunda, basundi, kobryachya wadya ( made from khoya, coconut, nuts and jaggery) and kurdai wadya.They are an absolute must try.

Our next destination was Kolhapur main city. Without the darshan of the Mahalaxmi Temple the Kolhapur Trip is incomplete.The beautiful mesmerising architecture makes one wonder how come such things were even possible back then when we find it so difficult now.Visiting the Rankala, Kolhapur Chatrapati Shahu museum , Panhalagad which are super amazing places for history lovers (like me) is a must.

Apart from the tourist spots , one should visit the local market to have a look at the local produce which is so so very beautiful, tasty and easily available. People of Kolhapur are blessed to have such amazing resources of a amazing weather and good quality local food. No wonder most people there are fitness freaks. On my trip to the market I picked up super huge guavas, green peas, carrots.

I also visited a local jaggery producer who explained the difference between natural organic jaggery and chemically processed one will write on it in a separate blog.

When it comes to must taste dishes of Kolhapur one should try the thecha, pandhra and tambda rassa, bhadang, missal and kandi pedhe…

Our next destination was kudal.There is nothing much in Kudal as such but places like Tarkarli and Devbaug which is in malwan are a must visit.Water sports and food are 2 must try things on both locations.

When in malwan one should visit the local fish market.

 The journey ended with loads of local foods and super amazing memories.




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