Wondering what to have?When you just have 20 Rs in your wallet…

We have all faced times when we were short of money and hungry.What to eat and what not where the questions that troubled us.Students, People living away from family etc….Have surely faced this issue
If you haven’t faced this, your blessed.

But this article is for those who are running short of money or doing budget living.

So If u have 20rs in ur wallet.Here’s what u should do…

1.Check out how hungry u are.

2.Consider how often u get hungry.

3.Plan your meal according to this and availablilty.Go for healthy foods, avoid junk..

Here’s what u can get for under 20
1.Eggs-upto 2boiled eggs, approx 4 eggs raw



5.Fruits-banana upto 4, apples/pears/promograntes etc atlst 2 pcs


7.Chana chaat-u do get green gram boiled chat

8.Dry bhel, sandwich

9.Approx half litre milk

10.Approx quarter kilo carrot, 1kilo cucumber..

10.Plain oats

Biscuits/vadapav/chaats/chips/tea+biscuit….Great to increase fat  🙂

If u want to save even those 20 make sure u make frnds who carry dabba…Beg borrow steal…But make sure u return the favour 🙂

Loads of love..



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Khushboo joshi says:

    Amazing … Some unique way of thinking.. This days very difficult to think such way in a fast life … Thanks for sharing !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you liked it…
    If u have anymore topics u want to read on…Drop in a message…Would be glad to write on those as well 🙂


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