The red drink…Therapy for the eyes and gut!!

A recent post on carrots on one of the food groups and the mention of this beverage brought back pleasant memories.

During my graduation years, in one of our nutrition practicals while studying beverages I came across an intresting beverage which was not only therapy for the eyes I.e. rich in vitamin A and antioxidants but was a great probiotic too.I had to give it a try.The reccent post on the drink made me crave for it again.So I had to make it and share it with you guys.

The red drink I am talking about is Carrot kanji.Carrot kanji is a fermenter beverage made in the northern regions of India.Its made from few and easily available ingredients like carrots, red chilli powder, black salt and mustard.Its sour, tangy and pungent, definitely a acquired taste.

Traditionally, it’s made from black carrots.But if they are not available one can use the regular carrots and a little bit of beetroot to get the distinct color.


Red carrots:3medium size, chopped in medium size strips

Beetroot:1 small, chopped in medium size strips

Water: 6 cups

Mustard: 2 tbsp, ground into fine powder

Red chilli powder:1-2 TSP

Black Salt as per taste


  • Take a glass bottle, put in the chopped carrots and beet.
  • Add in the mustard powder, red chilli powder, salt.
  • Pour in the water.
  • Leave the jar in sunlight for approx 2-3 days.Since it is winters you could go upto 10days.Basically it need to turn sour.
  • You can then place the bottle in fridge and have the drink chilled.
  • As for the pieces of carrots and beet, well that’s pickled vegetables and you can use it with rotis or with lunch and dinner.

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