Coriander mint chicken

Irratic schedules, long working hours, late dinners.How does one manage to still keep the dinner light and healthy…

Here’s one of my all time favourite recipe:-

Coriander-Mint chicken…


  • Wash and pat dry chicken breast pieces.Cut it as per preference.
  • Use a fork and create insertion in the meat.
  • Apply salt leave it for 5 mins.
  • Then apply a freshly ground paste of coriander, mint, green chilli and garlic.
  • Let it marinate for 15-20 mins minimum.
  • Add a little fresh cream, if you aren’t on a strict diet regime.
  • Grill it for 10-15 mins.I have used a tandoor.You can also Shallow fry on a non stick pan.If your on a diet, grill it.If not shallow fry.Both give a different flavour.
  • So what do u do till the chicken marinates and gets grilled, prepare a toss salad.
  • You dinner is ready in less than a hour.






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