Raw Mango Pickle (Instant & Low Fat)


Raw mango or kairi is a rich source of Vitamin C and fiber.It has many other vital minerals and vitamins.Its tangy to taste, widely used in many cuisines and has many health benefits.But most reciepes have either high amount of sugar/jaggery or oil especially pickles.

Pickle making is a old tradition in India.For most people even today, meals are not complete without pickles.These pickles are often made with raw mangoes, large amount of salt/sugar or jaggery and spices.

Here is a simple low fat instant raw mango pickle:-


Raw mango-1/2 kg (washed, dried and finely chopped)

Mustard seeds-3tsp

Red chilli powder-3tsp

Salt-1-2 tsp

Coconut oil-2-3tsp 


  • Heat oil in a wok.Add in mustard seeds and let it sputter.
  • Add in red chilli powder.
  • Switch off the gas and mix in the raw mango.
  • Add in salt as per taste.
  • Crunchy and tangy pickle is ready to be served with rice or roti.

Unlike other pickles, this has a comparitivly shorter shelf life.Best is to consume it within few days of preparation.


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