Beware of what you buy on the basis of the ads you see.

Yesterday was one of the rare occasions when I switched on television to watch something for time pass.While browsing through the channels I accidentally landed up on one of the teleshopping​ channels and guess what they were selling some xyz supplement for “body building”. 
What the ad showed?The Product.More than the product they showed the effects of not having the products. There was too much emotional drama, hitting on sensitive issues like relation of a not having a great physique and not getting jobs/girlfriends/lifepartner /popularity/Stability in life which are few of the  very sensitive issues for many people.

What the ad didn’t show? Contents of the products or Vital information like nutritional facts.

Half an hour of sheer amusement.Oh yes I watched all of it which frankly was nothing but playing with people’s sentiments and hitting on people’s sore points.Having studied marketing Must say it’s a great marketing techniques.

But what about people’s health? Most people watch these ads specially cause they are promoted by well known celebs and then they blindly purchase the products.The otherwise wise people land up getting tricked in the marketing gimmick.

How often have you purchased products based on advertisements?What did you buy?How was your experience? Do you think there should be a censor board for ads especially when it comes to food and health related products…

What I would suggest is,Look beyond the marketing gimmicks.Make informed choices and choose your health products based on you health and fitness.If possible do it with the consent of your doctor or Nutritionist.Read the contents of what your are going to consume before you purchase it.


Nutritionist Aditi Prabhu


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