Roti ki sabzi !

When you have only Roti’s/Chapattis /Indian flat bread and no vegetable or have left over roti’s what do you do and are super hungry….What to do?

Here is one of my personal favorite reciepes…Chapati chi bhaji or Roti ki sabzi…


Rotis-5-6(finely chopped)

Onions-2(finely chopped)



Yellow corn-1/2 cup

Cumin-2 tap

Red chilli powder-2 tap

Turmeric-1 tsp

Salt-1 TSP

Sugar-1tsp pinch* optional


  • Heat a wok and dry roast the chopped roti’s to make it crisp.Keep it aside once done.
  • Heat oil.Add in cumin and let it sputter.
  • Add in the onions.Saute till it turns soft light pink.
  • Add in the corn and capsicum.Cook for some time till slightly soft.
  • Add in the spices like turmeric, red chilli powder,salt, sugar and then tomatoes.
  • Finally, add in the roasted chopped Roti pieces.Mix thoroughly for few minutes.
  • Serve hot with a dash of coriander.Team it with buttermilk or lime juice.

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