Tadgola or Ice apples: Summer Superfood

With few more weeks of summer to go one fruit that you should try is Tadgola.It is one delicious melt in the mouth fruit that will help you beat the summer heat.


This fruit is known as Tadolga in Hindi/Marathi or Ice apples in English or Nungu in Tamil and is easily available in western coastal zone of Maharastra.It grows on the Palm tree in clusters and each individual brown fruit has number of tadgolas in it.The tadgolas are soft, white or translucent and almost melt in mouth.
Apart from being great thirst quenchers and coolant which help to prevent dehydration.These Tadgolas are a rich source sodium, potassium, calcium and also have zinc to certain extent.They have a great balance of micro-nutrients which helps to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body on consumption.

For the newbies, while purchasing these beauties make sure they are soft and watery to touch.Ideally best purchased first thing in the morning.Avoid purchases in the scorching heat or late noons as these tend to get slightly sour and fermented soon.

One other interesting piece of information, the sap from this tree is known as “Neera” which is a sweet beverage rich in nutrients.Best consumed fresh.Easily available in Mumbai and many other places.But these beverage is high on calories so the weight watchers need to be careful also those with irregular blood sugars.Also this liquid when fermented is converted into local liquor called as toddy which down south is used to make those extra soft idlis and as local alcohol.Toddy has a distinct flavor and the taste varies as per the level of fermentation.



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