Community fridges:A boon!

Small acts of kindness when multiplied by millons can transform the world.

This saturday while returning back from a food tasting event, a fridge placed right outside a renowned building in Andheri, Mumbai caught my attention.On closer observation I realised it was a community fridge and I was surprised cause finding a community fridge here is rare.

Strategically placed amidst a busy and industrial locality with many hotels and restaurants in the area.The fridge was being used by many.It had bottles of water and some snacks and food.The “vegetarian only” board is great but putting up few other basic rules like putting a preparation date and dish name would make it even better since no one takes the responsibility of the food put there.

As I went to take click of the fridge,a man quietly went opened the fridge took what he needed and was about to leave.While another stranger sitting below the tree asked the man to move aside so I could take a picture and mentioned-“Let her take pictures.Let more people know.Perhaps we would get more food here.”

To those who aren’t aware community fridges are fridges kept out in the open for public where the ones who have excess food can place it there and those who are in need of food can collect it.That way your doing your share of good deed.Not wasting food and feeding the needy.

So if you have extra food and don’t know what to do.Go ahead we have community fridges in the locality.This one is located outside Morya Classic, Near Punjab Grill, Andheri west.

Don’t waste food.Feed the needy.


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  1. Apurva Shenoy says:

    It is a lovely display of humanity!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very true.That is one major reason why I shared it…Monday morning motivation


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