Cooking for Beginners…

Being a Tomboy, the last thing I wanted to do is enter the kitchen.But having both parents working, kitchen became my laboratory.I experimented, I still do.Some disasters, some succesful experiments.I guess that’s where my rendezvous with food began 😇.Over the years I’ve learnt cooking from my parents, grandparents, chef’s and anyone who cooked something I loved.The learning is a on going process.

So everytime someone says, I don’t know how to cook? How do I learn to cook? I am afraid of cooking? Trust me, I understand.Been there, done that.I probably was worse than you when you started or would start.So here I am to simplify cooking for you as much as I can cause good health begins in the kitchen.

Almost everyone knows which foods are good and which are not.Understand what I good for you.Make a list and stock your cupboard up.Buy local, buy fresh.Do visit the local farmers markets for best quality foods.

As for cooking, anyone can cook.Whether it’s edible or not that’s a different thing.😉Jokes apart, anyone can cook.Its simple.Cooking is a art and science.More specifically, it’s science and then art.It all about time, techniques, quantity and quality of food.What makes one recipe better than the other is the love and attention you put while making it.

Here are some of my tips for beginners:

  • Learn all about washing, cutting, chopping and half your battle is won.
  • You don’t need fancy knifes or cutlery for that, just get a good quality ones and be careful.Fcareful.First timers often land up injuring themselves.So keep your mind with you as you cook.
  • Start with simple recipes like salads, soups or 1-5 ingredient dishes.
  • Things you need to know-The basic types of heating techniques you can first include-sauteeing ( eg. lightly heating veggies on a low flame), shallow frying (done in a pan), seasoning/ tadkas, steaming.Then later move to the complex techniques.
  • Read the recipe, once twice thrice and understand it.Follow it accurately.At the same time use basic logic. (When I started cooking, There were times when I made reciepes which mentioned 7-8 mins cooking time/ sauteeing.I followed it, just to find out at the end that it wasn’t enough.So yes use logic, you may require more or less time or quantity of food).
  • Go low on spices.Intially it’s best to experiment with basic salt, sugar, pepper, chilli powder and turmeric.Gradually use other spices but use them cautiously.
  • Arrange all that you require beforehand.So you won’t land up running last minute.
  • Once you get a hang of the recipe experiment, modify the ingredients, cooking time etc.
  • Don’t expect master chef results in the first shot.If your lucky you may even get them but if you don’t, don’t be disappointed.
  • Practice practice and more practice makes you good at cooking.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kaajal Sheth says:

    😍 That big intro is more inspirational than the article (no offence, because I was into cooking already before NN).
    But that intro at the end is #goals!


  2. ☺ Thank you and no offence taken.Even I was into cooking much before NN.But NN specially Neena Dias Ma’am and Mitra ma’am made me realise my love for experimenting with food…


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