A couple of months back while discussing about food and food ingredients the topic had suddenly turned to millets.But the one millet that caught my attention was the foxtail millet.Yes, it was the name that was intriguing.

So just like anyone does the first thing I did was called Google devta, I wanted to see how foxtail millet looked like.He granted my wish,This is how it looks.

The moment I saw the image, I was like ” Kabutaro Ka khana😱” Oh yes, cause all the while I used to feed it to pigeons at the chanawala.

I was more curious about the name, still am.So I landed up researching more and more on this millet.Authentic studies, age old literature,reciepe books, the seniors of family.I practically harassed everyone for this millet.

In brief,Foxtail millets have been used from ancient times.Widely used as food  a in many part of India.Nutritionally, they are high calorie, high fiber, rich in calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients.Its a powerhouse of energy.Best part, it’s gluten free.

Finally i decided to experiment with this amazing millet.But there are couple of  things you need to remember regarding this millet-
While purchasing-This millet is called by different names Kangni(Hindi), Thinai (tamil), korra(kanada)etc.It’s better if you know all the names and best if you know how it looks when it comes to purchasing.Not all grocery keep it.Plus you often have to explain what your looking for.Keep the Google devta handy 😉
While cooking- Unlike any other food, foxtail millet take long time to cook.So if you are looking for something quick, this is not it.Make it on a day when you have time.

The simplest reciepe you can make is the foxtail upma:


Foxtail millet-1 cup

Onion–1(finely chopped)

Tomatoes-2medium size(finely chopped)

Peas and yellow corn -1/2 cup( boiled) each

Carrot-1 ( chopped)

Capsicum-1 chopped

Mustard seeds-1 TSP

Green chillies-2

Ginger-as per your taste




  • Wash the foxtail millet.
  • Heat Oil in a wok.Add in the green chillies, and mustard seeds.Once it crackles add in the onions.Sautée till they turn pinkish brown.
  • Add in the ginger.
  • Add in the other vegetables.Sautee till they are slightly soft.
  • Then add in salt and turmeric.
  • Side by side boil 2 1/2 to 3 cups of water.
  • To the veggies add in the foxtail millet.Sautee it for few minutes.
  • Then pour in the boiling water and let it cook till done.

    Note: Based on my experience, you can reduce the cooking time in two ways-You can dry roast the millets before use ( like you do for regular upma) or you can soak the millet in water for 15-30 mins before cooking.


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