Maharastrian steamed noodles…Shirvale !!

Shirvale is a traditional recipe made in the kokan villages(Maharastra, India) with rice /nachni(finger millet) flour and served with sweetened coconut milk.Its one tedious recipe.Mainly made on special occasions. Who said,workouts can’t happen in the kitchen.He/she surely hasn’t tried making some of our traditional Indian reciepes.One thing I can say,Your entire bicep triceps shoulder workouts … Continue reading Maharastrian steamed noodles…Shirvale !!


As a kid, one of my all-time favourite dish at lunch or dinner at my grandma’s place was Dalithoy. A simple dal (split pulse) which had the subtle flavour of ginger and asafoetida but when it was teamed up with steamed unpolished rice and a small teaspoon of tup (ghee) it was divine. Still is. … Continue reading Dalithoy