Beware of what you buy on the basis of the ads you see.

Yesterday was one of the rare occasions when I switched on television to watch something for time pass.While browsing through the channels I accidentally landed up on one of the teleshopping​ channels and guess what they were selling some xyz supplement for “body building”.  What the ad showed?The Product.More than the product they showed the … Continue reading Beware of what you buy on the basis of the ads you see.

Roti ki sabzi !

When you have only Roti’s/Chapattis /Indian flat bread and no vegetable or have left over roti’s what do you do and are super hungry….What to do? Here is one of my personal favorite reciepes…Chapati chi bhaji or Roti ki sabzi… Ingredients​: Rotis-5-6(finely chopped) Onions-2(finely chopped) Tomato-2(chopped) Capsicum-1(chopped) Yellow corn-1/2 cup Cumin-2 tap Red chilli powder-2 … Continue reading Roti ki sabzi !

Avalakki upkari

Bajil upkari | avalakki upkari  is one of the common breakfast served in most of the functions in south canara(Karnataka), mangalore and udupi region.Its made from thin flattened rice, coconut, peanuts.It can be made with or without the use of heat. Do give it a try and let me know your views. Ps-Anyone with diabetes … Continue reading Avalakki upkari

Tangy & Spicy Kairi…

As a kid when it was summers a long visit to my grandma’s house was a must.She prepared fabulous dishes ( I loved her food so I don’t mind calling myself biased ).One of my favorites dishes during summers was the tangy and spicy Kairi/raw mango gravy.  We would go to the local market specially … Continue reading Tangy & Spicy Kairi…